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Races Hosted:

  Umngeni-Uthukela          Water (UUW) 2024

  The Longest Day

  Duke of York

  Hogsback Trail run

  Bill Butler Social run

Race Results

Collegians Harriers

uMngeni-uThukela Water Marathon results

2024 uMngeni-uThukela Water Marathon

2023 Umgeni Water Marathon

2022 Umgeni Water Marathon

2019 Umgeni Water Marathon

2018 Umgeni Water Marathon

2009 Umgeni Water Marathon

2008 Umgeni Water Marathon

2007 Umgeni Water Marathon

2006 Umgeni Water Marathon

2005 Umgeni Water Marathon

2004 Umgeni Water Marathon

2003 Umgeni Water Marathon

The Longest Day results

2022 Longest Day

2019 Longest Day

2018 Longest Day Teams

2018 Longest Day Solo

2017 Longest Day Teams

2017 Longest Day Solo

2016 Longest Day

Race statistics:

Record of Solo Winners

Age Category Records

Permanent Numbers

1000 K Club

100 Kilometre Club

Hall of Fame

Roll of Honour

Finishing Statistics

Team Winners

The Duke of York results

The 2019 Duke of York

The 2018 Duke of York

The 2017 Duke of York

The 2016 Duke of York

The 2015 Duke of York

The 2014 Duke of York

The 2013 Duke of York

The Bill Butler results

The 2023 Bill Butler

The 2022 Bill Butler

The 2019 Bill Butler

The 2018 Bill Butler

Please note that older results can be found on our Archives page

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