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03 February 2024


10 km (5 km out and 5 km back).


There will be a refreshment station at the turn-around(halfway) point at the top of Hesketh Drive.


No watches/phones or any sort of measuring/timing device.


There is no official start time. You may walk or run. Each runner estimates their time for the completion of the run and starts according to the official race clock at the start.


The winner is the person/s who crosses the finish line closest to 6 pm. The time is calculated as being closest to 6 pm, either before or after.


The time will be calculated from a clock which will be at the start. This clock will not be set accurately to the correct time.


Start at the Herman’s Hut. Follow the road behind the squash courts and Bowling Club and out Comrades Gate, past the Casino, over the N3, and to the top of Hesketh Drive. Stay on the left-hand side of New England Road until after you have crossed the bridge over the N3 freeway. Take the inside right corner of the traffic circle into Hesketh Drive.

The turning point is in the slip-lane at the top of Hesketh Drive, 50 meters from the T-junction with Murray Road. On your way down from the turnaround point either run/walk on the pavement or the right-hand side of the road.


All the results including the winner of the event will be announced at about 6.20 pm.

2023 Members and any interested persons wanting to learn more or join Collegians' Harriers can do so during or after the event. Please speak to our Collegians' Harriers Licensing Officer: Mr. Kevin Cameron, or any other committee member present.

All participants and their friends are welcome to the braai after the event. A salad/veggie bake will be provided by the club. Bring your own meat, and liquid refreshments on sale from the Collegians' Harriers bar during and after the event.


This is not an official race and there are no marshals or road closures. Collegians' Harriers do not hold themselves responsible for any accident, injury or mishap. Please take care and enjoy the event.

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