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Hogsback Harriers Trial Run

Collegians Harriers


This event is a social mob run of over 10 kilometres which takes place on Boxing Day every year. There is always a shorter route (5-8kms) available as well.

It is not a race but a social trail run in the Cascades forests. There is no entry fee and participants are required to bring their own refreshments.

The run starts and finishes at 5 or 6 am from the BP Garage at Cascades off McCarthy Drive.

Named after an area called Hogsback Ridge which is situated in the Ferncliffe Nature Reserve.

A group of runners started running in this area in the early 80's on Boxing Day and on 2nd January.

The route varies from year to year depending on the condition of the paths and tracks.

A photo of all participants is taken yearly, (since 1997) with the names of all runners, can be found below.

Unfortunately, the 2010 photo has been mislaid and we appeal to anyone who has the photo to please e-mail it to us (

It is not always possible to identify all participants in the photos and would appreciate it if past participants could provide us with a name quoting the year and the "unknown" runner(s).

1997 - 2024 Hogsback Combined

1997 Hogsback

1998 Hogsback

1999 Hogsback

2000 Hogsback

2001 Hogsback

2002 Hogsback

2003 Hogsback

2004 Hogsback

2005 Hogsback

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